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@ -5,4 +5,4 @@ Here is the template of my blog, released under the MIT license.
Format Date for Posts like here
The Blog needs at least one post to compile sucessfully, because of that, there is already a in `source/_posts`
If you want to use the post for yourself, create own posts in `source/_posts` and edit the content of `source/about.blade.php` and `source/projects.blade.php`. To change the name of the pages, you also have to edit the navbar in the `source/_layouts/main.blade.php` to your choosen names.

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title: My first post here UwU
date: 2017-03-23
So I have completely rewritten my blog page. Why you may ask? Because I discovered the static site generator jigsaw,
wich does a far better job then jekyll, at least in my opinion. Anything here is made without any templates from scratch,
without any JavaScript bloat. Enjoy your stay!

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title: Template
date: 2017-03-23
A basic post is looking like this